An eye opener to going paperless..........

Documents is an integral part of selling a product or service to customers, but without proper best practices in place and having paper documents stored in files and file cabinet slows down the productivity levels in the work place.

As a solopreneur it takes you a lot of time to search for documents, which can be used in more productive work.

If you are a Small and medium business and you are still having the paper based work processes, your team will spend a lot of time searching for documents and this interferes with productivity levels.

Changing your paper-based work process into a digitized and more productive work place just requires a mindset change, because it is doable. This is a place where you are able to access you document when you need it, right when you need it. I have done it and that is why I know it works.

And to make it work you have to start from somewhere. This course is to take you to that starting point and you can do it. Maybe you lost a client because you could not find a document, maybe your issue with the government tax body could not be resolved because you are not able to find some documents and many other issues involving documents. This could be the best time to start. Start now!

What you'll learn..............

You'll learn all the basic steps you need to take to have a seamless and flowing work process.

You will learn how to improve your productivity by having organized, searchable and easily accessible work documents.

You will learn how to reduce your cost by purchasing less paper, avoiding duplication of copies

You will learn how to manage your documents without having to add more physical storage space.

This could be right for you:

Anyone who is directly or indirectly impacted by documentation.

Solopreneurs and Small and Medium business who wish for themselves and their team to take a step and gain knowledge on how to initiate their workplace transformation from a paper based work process to a digital based work process using as minimal paper as possible.

By the end of this course...............

You will be able to convert your paper documents into digital format.

You will be able to label your files in an organized and easily searchable way.

You will be able to access your documents when you need it, right when you need it.

You will have learned how to manage your paper clutter and have a paperless workspace.

You will be able to reduce time spent on searching for your documents.

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